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Adopting an animal does not always fit with our busy and hectic lives!

Fostering is an amazing opportunity to open your home to a cat in need until they are ready to find their forever home.

Why Foster?

Fostering is a mutually beneficial program for you and the animal!

Foster cats are MORE adoptable.
• Did you know that cats get more stressed than dogs in the shelter environment?
• Many of our cats are coming from challenging situations such as overcrowding or experiencing a lack of basic needs – the comforts of a home help them destress and their real personalities can shine!
• Cats that may have caught a cold, or have another illness typically have SHORTER recovery times in foster homes. Faster recovery means they are ready for adoption sooner!

You can learn what pet may be right for you.
• Are you interested in adopting in the future?
• Foster parents can live with a variety of different pet personalities. You can learn what type of personality may be the best fit for you.

Fostering saves lives. By fostering 1 cat, you are helping many more cats!
• Did you know that in a shelter the feeding and care of a cat typically takes 15-30 minutes per day?
• By bringing just one pet into your home allows the NoCo Kitties team to offer space to other felines in need. We can exponentially increase our support to cats in need!
• Many times, foster parents are nervous that they will not be able to let go of their fosters. It is bittersweet! By continuing to foster, we will continue to save more lives together.

What To Expect When Fostering

1. There is no cost to be a foster parent!
 –  NoCo Kitties will provide all the food, toys, litterboxes needed to foster a cat.
 – We also cover the cost of all medical needs!

2. Maybe you are a new cat parent, haven’t owned one in a long time, or are interested in fostering young or medical cases?
 – The NoCo Kitties team will provide all the necessary training to help you and your foster adjust.
 – Sometimes a cat may get sick or need medication prior to adoption. We will also provide any necessary medical training.

3. Life is hectic and we know you are busy!
 – Sometimes a cat only needs a home for a few days before adoption, sometimes its longer! We ask that foster families can commit to (1 week? 5 days?) at least (times/year).
 –  We also know that sometimes life happens! If you have an emergency, we are happy to set up a drop off and bring the cat back. We are always available by phone when needed!
 –  Work full time or have irregular hours? That is a-okay! We are happy to match you with a cat that fits your needs. Many of our cats are coming from challenging situations – the comforts of a home help them destress and their real personalities can shine!

Have more questions about fostering or are interested in fostering a kittie? Please contact us:


Phone: 970-599-1123

Financially Fostering

If fostering kitties in your home seems a bit daunting, you can still make a big difference in a kittens’ life by financially fostering. All of our kittens are spay/neutered, vaccinated (several times) fiv/felv tested and dewormed while in foster. Adoption fee’s cover only a fraction of these expenses while kittens become adoptable.

For a one time $75 donation, you’ll provide supplies such as kitten milk, wet and dry food, litter, toys and blankets to help them become strong, playful, socialized lil monsters!

You’ll receive constant updates on your kitten from their foster host so please consider financially fostering. Supplies should never get in the way of us saying yes to more kittens in need.